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Fearless Inside

Is a movement to encourage more belonging, community, and courage in students' lives. We believe, fear is scary but should be embraced.
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Fearless Inside is a movement for students

and educational institutions to encourage

more belonging, community, and overall

happiness in students' lives. We believe,

fear is scary, but shouldn't be feared,

yet embraced.

Fearless Inside is a movement

for students and educational

institutions to encourage more

belonging, community, and

overall happiness in students'

lives. We believe, fear is scary,

but shouldn't be feared,

yet embraced.

“It started with an impromptu question”

In 2017, I randomly handed out notecards to students and asked them to write their fears. On my couch that evening,  I became emotional while reading students' honest and raw worries and fears.

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55,000+ fears later

The original plan of burning the fears quickly turned into collecting and reading, in hopes of better understanding what students' are experiencing.

The fears we read and categorize guide how we work with students.

Evolution to More Fearless Moments

We don’t believe in eliminating fear in the lives of students, but showing students how they can thrive through those feelings of fear, worry, and anxiety.

We evolved to encourage more fearless moments over eliminating fear in its entirety.



We've worked with hundreds of clients in over 39 states, Canada, and the Bahamas.


Fear collected

We've collected thousands of fears from students across the country, we understand you.


Fearless Bands

We've distributed our fearless bands to audiences and individuals around the world.



THE Mission

I fear that I’m not enough or worthy to lead this movement.
I fear that I’ll be forgotten when I die.
I fear that I’ll never get comfortable with tough conversations.
My fears guide me as I help others with theirs.

College Journey

Involved student leader, graduated from UNC-Charlotte, and started Kollege Koncierge, an elite leadership and lifestyle company for first-year students. One parent signed up.

Corporate America Dropout

Worked with a variety of financial institutions and an International Consulting firm on my way back to helping students.

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Fearless Movement Leader (sort of)

Calling yourself a movement leader can feel a little much! (lol) I’m the owner of Fearless Inside, Speaker & Consultant, author of two books, and budding expert n the space of student fear

Proud father and husband

Inspired to create a better world for my two exceptional children. Of course, my brilliant and cute wife is the added bonus to it all!

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Do you know what it holds? I don’t. I know that I want to leave something behind that sustains and keeps growing long after I die. Fearless Inside is a piece of that; the journey is just beginning.

1 million


Through keynote and workshop experiences, we will help one million students between K-12 and college better understand and reframe fear in their lives to feel empowered as they create a life of purpose and impact the world.

Students grow to the portion of times they act, while scared.

Is there anything in your life that you’re extremely proud of that you DIDN’T have to work really hard for or didn’t scare you at first? Probably not. Fear had its benefits.
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What we want for you!

We want your students to:

Learn how to embrace fear in their lives.
Gain real strategies they can use immediately.
Never believe they are alone in what they’re-experiencing.
Be more comfortable asking for help when they need it.

We want our partners to:

View Fearless Inside as a partner and not a one-and-done solution.
See a noticeable change in how their students deal with fear, worry, and anxiety.
Feel they received more value than what they paid.
Better understand what their students are experiencing.

Three ways we can

serve your community:

Keynote Experience

30-90 minutes, engaging, impactful, usually on a stage.

Workshop Experience

One hour to full-day of content, discussions, and exercises.

Fearless Partner/ Custom Experience

We work together to craft the experience and program options.


a movement

FearlessInside is so much more than me and a keynote or program. For me, it's about the thousands of people who have heard the message or shared it with people that they know and love. It's about the Fearless Stories I've received from people who have never heard me live.

The outside is blank and discreet to be worn in any situation.
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Secret message is hidden on the inside

The Fearless Band was created as a reminder that you no matter what is going on outside of your control. you have the power INSIDE to choose courage over fear.

Every student gets a free band.

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REAL change is what we're working towards!

More than a keynote, we want to help you get results!

A keynote experience is a good fit for certain events, but sustained change occurs over time. Learn how we work together to achieve lasting change for your audience/community.

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