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The Fearless Inside Movement

provides engaging and impactful

experiences encouraging students

to act through fear as they


The Fearless Inside

Movement provides

engaging and impactful

experiences encouraging

students to act through

fear as they LIVE and LEAD.

Are you
ready for your #fearlessmoment?

It’s time to stop letting fear sabotage your dream life

You want to leave a mark on the world, yet you doubt your abilities, sometimes feeling as though you’re not up for it. Here's your wake up call that you have the ability and the resources if you look in the right places.

We won’t help you eliminate fear from your life, because fear has it's advantages, but we’ll help you ACT in spite of what's holding you back.

We help  Purpose-Driven students  live up their potential by creating fearless moments in their life



We've worked with hundreds of clients in over 39 states, Canada, and the Bahamas.


Fear collected

We've collected thousands of fears from students across the country, we understand you.


Fearless Bands

We've distributed our fearless bands to audiences and individuals around the world.

fearless inside movement bands for students Top youth motivational speaker and author darryl bellamy jr

Fearful to Fearless

fearless inside movement bands for students
Everything you want is beyond fear

Fearful to Fearless

Why we exist

You deserve more fearless moments in your life.

Stop letting fear rule your life

Use fear to your advantage as you reach some of your biggest goals.

Ditch overthinking for good

Stop the voice in your head and start taking action on the life you dream.

Create a life you’re in love with

Once your fears are in control, the life you love begins.

Choose your experience!
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College Leadership
& Student Activities

& Sorority Life

First-Year Students
& Orientation


Grade School
& Student Organizations

Fearless through all states





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After a night of partying with friends, Chase, a first-year college student, wakes up four years into his potential future and discovers his day will be spent being mentored by his older (surprisingly successful) senior-year self. Prepare yourself to join Chase as he uncovers people, opportunities, and valuable lessons he once took for granted.

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courage over fear

My first Marathon
I wore my fearless bracelet while I ran my first full marathon yesterday. I honestly didn't think I would cross the finish line, but with the fearless bracelet and your message, I pushed through. And now I am feeling fearless!
I never take it off!
I just wanted to let you know that the lessons you taught and the words of wisdom you spoke to us that day still inspire me. I even have the “Fearless on the Inside” band you gave all of us. I never take it off. It has actually helped me a lot through my fears in life lately. I hope one day we can meet again and catch up! I
fearless inside movement bands
I got the position!
Darryl, I just found out today that I got the SRA position and will get the opportunity to help and support students across campus next year. I am super hyped for the chance to really help struggling students and make an impact in others’ lives. Thanks again for the support and enthusiasm!
I found peace!
Finally finding peace with graduating. Just won Outstanding Senior Leader for Greek Life and Top 10 Outstanding Senior Leader for my university, and the F/S council on which I am president won awards in diversity and inclusion. Leaving my university’s GL better than I found it, and that was the goal. Thanks for helping me find peace in what I’ve done and not fear in what I didn’t get to do.
My first Marathon
I never take it off!
fearless inside movement bands
I got the position!
I found peace!

Involved student leader turned fearful movement leader

Darryl Bellamy Jr.

Darryl is an International Speaker, Author, Husband, and Father who uses his experience as a student leader, and the thousands of fears collected from students to help them act beyond their worries and fears.

His fearless journey started when he ran for student body office in college and has continued through his business and personal endeavors.

Darryl's the leader of the Fearless Inside movement which has inspired thousands of students to have more fearless moments.

Darryl's STORY

High praise from happy clients!

Don't take our word from it!
If you’re looking for a speaker who meets young people where they are, challenges them to push past who they limit themselves to be, and provides a unique skill set in how to grow into a fearless human being, Darryl is the person for you to connect with!!!
Anthony Mitchell
Educational Talent Search CoordinatorSt.Augustine's University
Darryl Bellamy, knows how to reach into the hearts and minds of those he speaks with. His ability to give students confidence about who and what they are, is so powerfully uplifting and empowering. Looking forward to having more visits from Darryl. I highly recommend him for any discussion in self development and improvement.
Wayne Williams
UMASS DartmouthAssistant Director of Student Activities
He had a way of talking about issues of wellness, diversity, and community that connected so deeply with our students.  He uses humor, deeply personal testimonials, and student voices to deliver a much-needed message:
Julian K. Braxton
Director of Community and Multicultural AffairsThe Winsor School
Ball State has had Darryl Bellamy come to campus 5 or more times and there is always a resounding excitement from students each time!
Bridget Webster
Assistant director of Student LifeBall State University