Helping youth embrace fear and worry in their lives.

Darryl's expertise in student fear provides an engaging and practical message inspiring students beyond their anxiety, worry, 
and self-doubt.


Today's students face unprecedented pressures and distractions. 

Darryl's programs helps students develop a plan for tackling challenges that lie outside of their comfort zone.

I fear I won’t get into the college of my choice and be a disappointment

I fear that I won't be accepted for my true goals and aspirations and that I won't be able to use my voice because I'm scared of what others will think.

I fear that I won’t reach the level of success I hope that i will - that will let myself down

I fear I’m not good enough compared to my peers

I fear that I will fail to meet the expectations of my mentors (Parents, Teachers) and myself

I fear that things to do will outpace my ability to keep up, leaving me always one step behind. "And yet, for the Lord's great mercy we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.

You are next!

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International Speaker, TedX, Author & Student Fear Researcher

Hey, I'm Darryl!

Are you tired of the same old uninspiring, one-size-fits-all approach to student engagement? I've made it my mission to provide the kind of help and support that many adults provided to me.

My goal is to guide students in embracing discomfort and taking action, even when it's hard, so they can make a positive impact in their own lives and in the world around them.

Drawing on my own experiences and the thousands of fears I've collected over the years, I help students see that they're not alone and that they have the power to create change every day.

Whether it's a classroom, a school assembly, or a conference ballroom with thousands of attendees, I bring the same high-energy and experienced approach to each and every event. With hundreds of successful events under my belt, I'm fully prepared to help your students navigate whatever challenges they may be facing.

If you're ready to hear rave reviews and see wide smiles from your attendees, I look forward to connecting with you and discussing how we can work together to create a memorable and impactful event for your students. Let's go!

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Why SCHOOLS and YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS continue to choose Darryl

School Assemblies, Youth Conferences, Events, Retreats, Teen Summits, Workshops, Custom School Programs, Teacher PD's -Darryl has you covered!


"Darryl has an incredible way of connecting with young people. His energy, enthusiasm and passion for youth empowerment and student leadership is unique and truly inspiring!"
Kellie Goodwn Faulkner
Program Analyst
-California Friday Night Live Partnership


We have been privileged to have Darryl speak to our incoming Freshmen on three occasions. His delivery style, which establishes trust and engagement, enabled the students to share and connect in a way that I would not have believed possible in such a short period of time.
Laura Bauer
Social Studies Teacher/Advisor
-Providence High School


His down-to-earth, approachable, and humorous personality makes students want to listen AND want to be heard. Darryl is hands-on, is able to go with the flow, and makes it all look effortless.
Janice Wright
Project Director
-West Wichita State Gear Up


"Darryl brought energy and inspiration to over 1600+ high school students at our District Conference. Darryl did a great job engaging the audience. We loved how he encouraged our young students to conquer their fears as they work towards meeting their goals."
Crissy Lux
NC DECA Board of Directors/Teacher
Darryl's experience spans a diverse range of middle and high schools, including public, private, and independent schools of all sizes. Additionally, he has collaborated with multiple student-serving CTSO's, companies, and organizations.
fearless inside movement bands for students

Do you lOVE seeing a shift in your students?

well, we do too!

Writing my own book!

In 2010 I was diagnosed with a rare kidney disorder. I was always in the hospital and was bullied to the point where I almost committed suicide twice. I was admitted to the hospital, but I felt like giving up because I was in so much pain. I recently had a chemo treatment, and it worked. I have been kidney disorder free for 9 months! You talking about being fearless inspired me to write my own book or write a play based on my pain and hurt and tell it in a positive light.

Honest with parents

I finally decided to tell my parents about my bad grades. I thought they were going to get very mad at me, but they said it was ok and they started helping me with my homework. My grades have gone up a lot. Your speech caused me to tell them. Thank you!

Fearless through failure

A fearless moment of mine is when I competed in the Senior Concerto competition. I feared that I wasn't going to win, and I really wanted to win. But in the end, during the competition, I gave my best and played my music. I didn't win in the end, and my fear came true, but in the end, I think it has made me a stronger musician who can accept failure a bit better now.

I ran for office

"Last week I learned a lot, and it helped me get the courage to run for Academic Chair of my fraternity and give a speech in front of everyone. It was not easy getting up there, and I ended up losing by two votes. Reminded me of your situation and I was able to keep a positive attitude afterward."

Hard Conversations

I acted out of my comfort zone and had a hard conversation. I told all of my best friends about what I was feeling inside and they understood and even related to me. It felt SO GOOD!
every student gets a band, given to over 70,000 around the world.
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