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Fear doesn't end when we grow up, it evolves.

Real fears written by professionals


Fears collected
Darryl Bellamy Jr.

Hey, I’m Darryl!

I've been on a unique journey, collecting over 60,000 written fears from individuals spanning five generations worldwide. This diverse collection is at the core of my work, helping organizations and leaders recognize and embrace the fear that comes with growth.
Whether it's an intimate group of leaders or a large ballroom, I bring your leaders together through their shared fears and provide a transformational model for fearing less. If you're looking for an engaging speaker who can inspire, connect, and give your audience actionable insights, I look forward to connecting!

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Darryl connects with audiences, bringing:

Vulnerable Stories

Darryl shares real and relatable stories drawing from his corporate career, his experiences as a father and husband, and his leadership of Fearless Inside, carefully crafted to resonate with your audience, industry, and event theme.

Extensive Experience

Darryl has addressed thousands of people worldwide in various settings, making sure his message, his approach to uncertainty, and his delivery style perfectly match your audience's needs

High Energy

Expect an energetic session filled with music, shared fears, laughter, and heartfelt moments. Darryl meets every leader where they are, challenging them to reach for more.

Practical Insights

Based on his extensive research and personal experiences, Darryl provides practical tips that your audience can start using right away.
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What audience members have shared

Comments shared via feedback forms
“ Loved writing fears & integration with studies/data “
“ Crowd Engagement, energy, and message“
“ Relatable, digestible, and your energy is amazing “
“ A nice shift from other presentations today “
“ Use of visuals and music was masterful“
“ The energy and humanness of your session were highly relatable “
“ Truly wish we had more time with you“
“ Much easier to track progress “
“ Phenomenal and Charismatic, you had me tear up “
“ Transferable to not only the workplace but personal life“
“Practical wisdom for facing change and uncertainty “
“ Helped me reframe the heaviness on my mind “
“ Practical wisdom for facing change and uncertainty“
“ Fantastically open and honest“
“ Incredibly insightful and REAL “
“Made me search my soul and be honest“
“ Crowd Engagement, energy, and message “

Start your fear(less) journey now.

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In a time when there's so much changing in the world - technology, markets, and the economy, the best teams have to truly be fearless in order to compete. Not only does the team have to be fearless, but each person on it has to be as well. Whenever my team has had to level up - for a new client, to take advantage of a new opportunity, to disrupt and innovate our industry, Darryl has been and will continue to be my first call. His workshops and trainings are structured, intimate, scaffolded, and help drive team culture forward by paying attention to the needs of each individual team member. In helping them face uncertainty, Darryl  helps to make our company the best that it can be.

Joanna Smith-Griffin
CEO & Founder, AllHere Education

Darryl Bellamy is an electrifying speaker, exuding boundless energy, engagement, and profound wisdom when it comes to fearlessly embracing your authentic self. His thought-provoking questions captivated the audience, and his skill in fostering connections among attendees was truly remarkable.  I witnessed not only high-fives but also heartfelt, tearful hugs being exchanged among people.  His message deeply resonated with every audience member because we all understand the struggle of fear and the determination to forge ahead, nonetheless. 

Cassandra Whitlow,
AAA, The Auto Care Group Talent Acquisition