Do you have foundational confidence?

Writing the second book might be harder than the first, but when I write something I feel is important I can’t help but share. I’m excited to share a piece of my writing with you as this might apply to something you’re currently experiencing.

After reading thousands of fears, I came to the conclusion that many of your fears come down to a lack of confidence or lack of belief in yourself. I have disdain for mentioning confidence because it’s such a buzzword, but it must be discussed. When I’m sitting on a plane or the floor next to the bed (my favorite reading spot), I often get emotional as I read your fears which revolve around confidence. Many revolve around what you believe about yourself and what you’re capable of achieving. I sit down and ponder where did all this come from, who convinced you weren’t good enough or that you don’t measure up?

Maybe it comes down to small things that are or has happened in your life, and you convinced yourself that you weren’t worthy. When it comes to being fearless and pushing through those things standing in your way Foundational Confidence is what’s needed. Foundational Confidence is that deep down belief, on the deepest level, it can’t be hidden, you might even sometimes doubt it, but that idea that you know you are destined for great things and you’re worthy achieving it. The thing about Foundational Confidence and the reason why it’s foundational is that once it’s created it hard to break or tear down. Consider a house, you will notice that even after tornados, the home will be damaged and blown away, but the foundation will still be visible, why is that? It’s because the foundation is heavily fortified and no matter what comes at it, it won’t move.

When working on pushing past fear, it’s time to look into how your Foundational Confidence is built, because until that foundation is rebuilt, you’re going to have a hard time moving forward. The problem with your Foundational Confidence is that past experiences and people have built most of it without our knowledge. As we grow older, we are now in charge of tearing down the house to repair and adjust pieces of the foundation that are not serving our future.  What I noticed is that those who can push through their fears the easiest have foundational principles that they believe strongly about themselves and they don’t waiver. When they do doubt, they always find a way back to their foundation that reaffirms their belief in themselves.

How strong is your foundational confidence and what do you need to rebuild to push past fear? Start with something small today, you’ll be surprised at how those small steps add up.

Stay Fearless.

Tha Author:
Darryl Bellamy Jr.


Darryl is an International Speaker, Author, Husband, and Father who uses his experience as a student leader, and the thousands of fears collected from students to help them act beyond their worries and fears

Darryl's the leader of the Fearless Inside movement which has inspired thousands of students to have more fearless moments.